Welcome to Steady Climb Financial Planning, a fee-only financial planning firm located in Boise, Idaho, serving clients locally and also nationwide through virtual meetings. We are dedicated to serving high earning professionals in their 20’s-40’s. Helping them develop a plan that balances their goals for the future while living their best life today.

If you have questions such as:

  • What do I want my future to look like and what financial decisions do I need to make to get there?

  • I just received a large bonus, should I put it towards paying down my mortgage, invest more for retirement, or something else?

  • What’s the best way to balance saving for my kid’s education while meeting my own financial goals?

  • Should I refinance or consolidate my student loans? How do special student loan programs like PSLF, PAYE, and ICR work?

  • I haven’t looked at my home, auto or life insurance policies since I bought them. Do I have the right coverage?

  • I make a decent salary but I don’t feel like I’m saving enough each month, what should I be doing differently?

Balancing your financial priorities can be a challenging task. It helps to have someone who understands your current situation as well as your goals. We take the time to get to know our clients so we can help you craft the strategy that balances your future goals while living your best life today. 

Fee Only

The advisor/client relationship works best when our interests are aligned and we are both working towards a common goal. As a fee only fiduciary this means that we are obligated to put your interests first. We don’t receive compensation by selling you products, We get paid to provide objective advice in your best interest.                                                                                                             

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Everyone’s situation is unique and the advice they receive should be as well. We will work together to create a plan that is custom designed just for you. During our first meetings we will take the time to discuss your goals, your values, and your current financial situation. Then we will map out a plan designed just for you to ensure you are on track for success. 

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Modern life is no longer easily divided between work and free time, and business often takes place outside the typical 9 to 5. We understand this and our business is structured in order to meet with you at a time that works for you. Whether that’s at your home in the evening after the kids have been fed, at a coffee shop on your way home from the gym, or virtually anywhere between. In Boise or beyond we are here to help.

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Peace of Mind

Our goal is to help you create, and execute, a financial plan that ensures you will achieve your goals. Everyone has questions on whether they are taking the right steps to get there, by working together to build a financial plan we can ensure you are on the right path. You can feel secure in your decisions and get back to spending time on the important things in life.

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Meet Chris

Hi, I'm Chris Kimmet the founder of Steady Climb Financial Planning. I began SCFP to provide quality, independent advice for people like you: hardworking professionals in the prime of life.

I’m excited to use my experience, training, and passion for personal finance to help get you on your way toward accomplishing your goals!

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